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You are so gorgeous and your artwork is amazing! Just came across your profile and woman crushed, thought I'd let you know 😍

cheers lovely :) your blog is raddd

ni-vale asked:

Hi! Do you have any idea about who is the original artist of the "cold hands colder heart" illustration? I've been looking for it for hours and I can't find it, thanks a lot in advance!

well looks like your looking paid off :) its me :)


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haleycomplex asked:

hello! I recently came across your "Cold Hands, Colder Heart" illustration. I would love to get it tattooed on my arm. Would you be okay with that?

oh wow, yesss that would be so sick, can you send me a photo when you have it done please :)

love the 'cold hands , colder heart' ate you did , it's really beautiful <3

this means a lot thank you :) 

Hi! Your artwork is so damn awesome! I'm just curious, what do you use to color your drawings (like in that "cold hands colder heart drawing)? The colors look so flat and perfect. Thank you!

thank you :) urmmm i used watercolour for that and just spent a lot of time blending. having good paintbrushes helps a lot a swell :)

Anonymous asked:

Is it okay if I print a copy of cold hands colder heart for my dorm it's actual perfection

yeah that is fine :) thank you so much this makes me happy x

Did you make the art in the "Cold hands colder heart" photo?

yes i did :)

sorry for the shit quality image, but peppers really do fucking suck :)

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somthing a bit different

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