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enegyma asked:

Hey! I've had your cold hands colder heart painting as the background in my phone for a day or two now and just traced it back to you. I really want to have it printed on a shirt, and I know a local business that does that, but I would like to have some mark of yours for it, like a signature or something? So I can refer people to the artist and stuff. Would that be cool? My email is amyatomic@ gmail btw, if you could respond there that would kick ass!

I am so sorry that I haven’t answered you back in so long! I have been having a lot of internet trouble recently and it’s been driving me crazy! Buuuuut I would love for you to get one of my designs on a Tshirt, it would be the ultimate flattery! I will email you a signature if you like as well :) also if you want to follow more of my art I have a new Facebook page with it all on its https://www.facebook.com/Jannalisart if you want to keep involved and it would be great to get a photo of you wearing the Tshirt on there!! Xxxx

Hey, do you ever design tattoos?

https://www.facebook.com/Jannalisart go onto new Facebook page and we can talk more about designing you a tattoo, I have done a few already so I would love to do some more

Anonymous asked:

How would you (and the previous person that asked) feel about more than one person having the "cold hands colder heart" tattoo. I saw it and LOVED it and would love it as a tattoo but I saw the other user asked too so I didn't want to step on any toes. It would go PERFECT with a calf piece I'm working on.

I wouldn’t mind at all, in fact I would be quite flattered, as long as you send me a photo of it!!!!! xx

Hello friends, I have started an art page on Facebook where I will be putting all my work and also selling some screen prints and originals, so get involved and stay tuned https://www.facebook.com/Jannalisart


Would love to have a tattoo like this

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You are so gorgeous and your artwork is amazing! Just came across your profile and woman crushed, thought I'd let you know 😍

cheers lovely :) your blog is raddd

ni-vale asked:

Hi! Do you have any idea about who is the original artist of the "cold hands colder heart" illustration? I've been looking for it for hours and I can't find it, thanks a lot in advance!

well looks like your looking paid off :) its me :)


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